Mail & Packaging Services

Mail & Packaging Services
Along with having traditional printing services we also offer mailing services for our clients.  Many printing projects are eventually bound for the mail stream like postcards, catalogs, brochures, and other items.  Why not save critical time in sending projects to your consumers and sales staff by printing and mailing with us?  We can source mailing lists, insert, pre-sort, inkjet, apply postage, and deliver to the Post Office.  In addition we can advise you on the ways to save dollars on postage while still in the design stage of your printing project.

Storage and Fulfillment
If you lack storage space for your printing collateral or want to simply store it all in one location we can assist you.  We have thousands of feet of storage space available for your advertising and promotional materials.  In addition to storing them, we can pick, pack, and ship your items to multiple locations at your direction as needed.

If you need a large project collated, packed and shipped and want to save time and mailing costs, talk with us about our partnership with UPS Mail Innovations.  See what "Brown" and CPC can do for you!

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